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Georgia's story

Dreamer, creative by nature, and tireless entrepreneur, I was born in Venezuela. Since I was young, I tried to work on my own. I did a lot of decorating, painting, and more with my creative work as a volunteer; however, today I know I have gotten some training at an academy (school). After I arrived in the United States, I have been able to develop my skills even more.

The fact of having two small daughters and the fear of not participating in their training (schooling) drives me to work independently. I love working on my own.

I long to have a place - a physical space where clients can reach out and find passion, creativity, love, and service to make their dreams come true in the form of decorations for parties, rooms, schools. I have made rag dolls, flower arrangements, balloon bouquets, personalized gifts, cake toppers, and more.

I have always been a very creative person. Even though I studied tourism and was a tour guide, I was always accompanied with a touch of creativity. When doing activities with tourists or in my studies, I could transform a classroom into a beach or jungle so that the assistants felt that they were in those places. Of course, it made a good impression so I worked even more.

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