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A loan of $4,500 helps upgrade our equipment and purchase new inventory to grow our community impact.

Baltimore, MD, United States




Maryum's story

My name is Maryum. My desire to start my business came as early as high school. Growing up with aspirations of being a fashion designer, I realized that making clothing was not only a passion, but a need; I craved that creative outlet, and I loved the extra money, to fulfill my overall desire to create! Growing up, we didn't have it all. Seeing my mother struggle with school expenses and buying garments for proms and other events, that was the push I needed to truly pursue my passion. I taught myself how to sew and grew a passion to teach others.

Being a business owner isn't just about me, it's about community. A wise person once told me "continue to give back and watch your blessings boomerang back to you tenfold"... And I've lived by that ever since.

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