09-Takku Liggeye Ndiolofene Group

09-Takku Liggeye Ndiolofene Group

15 days remaining

$2,225 to go

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A loan of $2,925 helps a member to purchase a variety of products for her business.




09-Takku Liggeye Ndiolofene Group

09-Takku Liggeye Ndiolofene Group's story

This group was created in November 2019 and has 5 members. The members are experienced in their respective businesses and support each other. They live in the same neighborhood and their primary activity is retail sales.

Ndeye Coumba, standing to the right of the photo with her hand raised, is the representative of the group. She is 41 , married, and has a 15 year old daughter and a 22 year old son.

The loan under contract is going to allow her to purchase fabrics to make traditional outfits for resale to her customers.

With her profits she plans to develop her business, save a portion, and contribute to household expenses.

In this group: Ndeye Coumba , Aicha, Zeynabou Lify, Soukeyna, Yacine

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