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A loan of $8,500 helps this Black, Queer, Oakland-based business owner hire a Design Contractor to increase capacity.

Oakland, CA, United States




Aaron's story

I grew up in the East Bay in California. I was born in Berkeley at Alta Bates hospital. I've lived in Berkeley, San Leandro, Albany, and Oakland. I'm so lucky to have grown up here. From technology to social justice, California leads the way across the country. I came out as gay at 14 years old while attending Albany High School. This, coupled with being a multiracial kid (my mom is white, and the daughter of Latvian immigrants; my dad is black, born in New Orleans) often made me an outsider, but it also gave me a unique perspective on the world. My answer to being "othered" was to fight for inclusivity in the form of activism all through high school and into my adult life. This has shown me the power of sharing our stories toward positive change, and now I work to amplify the messaging of marketing teams at organizations that do good in the world. Diversity and social justice run in my veins, and as a result, I’m uniquely aligned with the missions of the impact-driven organizations I work with. This “otherness” is an asset in the field of design, where it is important to make every effort to include ALL of the end-users, customers, and constituents design projects created for.

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