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A loan of $1,775 helps to buy raw materials and ensure her hammock business continues smoothly despite global economic uncertainty.





Soraya's story

Soraya lives in a rural village in the mountains of Phrae, Thailand. For Soraya, hammock weaving has provided an increase in income that is much needed to support her family and an alternative to working in back-breaking slash and burn agriculture. She has three children who she supports, and her income from weaving hammocks helps to cover household expenses and ensures her three children get an education.

Prior to weaving hammocks, Soraya worked as a laborer in slash and burn farming. Agriculture in the part of Thailand where Soraya lives is far from easy. The land is marginally productive and even for small scale farmers who only want to plant enough rice for family consumption, must use fertilizer and other inputs to eke out a crop, something that is dangerous and detrimental to the environment.

Soraya’s loan will ensure that her hammock weaving business isn't impacted by the global pandemic and that she is able to invest in raw materials to have steady weaving work throughout the coming year.

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