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Kailua Kona, HI, United States

Cleaning Services



Brandon's story

After working fifteen-plus years on an ambulance and fire engine, I had encountered many situations where proper cleaning is needed to bring things back to operational levels. This includes deep cleaning of bodily fluids and viruses on the emergency medical side and decontamination of hazardous materials in the fire service industry.

The experiences I have gathered throughout my lifetime in emergency service, which includes pressure washing stations, decontaminating equipment and vehicles, to basic housekeeping of the firehouse, have brought me to the point of helping people in a different way.

With this loan, I will set myself up to make the transition from emergency services to cleaning services. The harsh reality of my job, even though I love it, is that I never did consider that I have to respond to a lot of people that I personally know in my community. Seeing them in the worse conditions can be very stressful and unhealthy after so many years in this line of work.

I want to work on my business and be able to come home at night, rather than staying overnight at the firehouse and not be home to be a husband and father.

My family and I have been through a lot and I believe we have sacrificed enough for our community, and it is time we move in a different direction. This will also allow my wife who eagerly wants to rejoin the workforce to do so but was not able to because of my sporadic schedule and long hours away from home. I want to take this opportunity with and use it to change my life and the community I have served for many years.

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