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A loan of $925 helps to buy farming inputs to improve her production and earn more income for her family as an elderly citizen.





Prisca's story

Prisca (71) hails from a remote village in Kitale, which is an area affected by abject poverty and is listed among the poorest localities in Kenya. Amidst all this adversity, Prisca is always smiling and holding her head high because she is a hardworking farmer who, thanks to her daily efforts, has managed to give her family a good start.

Prisca has a farm where she grows crops and raises livestock. She also earns income from a personal business. The biggest problem that farmers from her area face is the lack of agricultural inputs. This means that these farmers' yields and incomes are far below what they could be. Juhudi Kilimo partnered with Kiva to provide financial services to smallholders around Kenya. Through these financial services, farmers like Prisca can now buy productive assets and important agricultural inputs for use on their farms.

Prisca is seeking a loan to buy farming inputs. This loan will enable her to improve her production through the use of quality farming inputs. This intervention will help her fulfill the increasing demand for food in the market, generate more income to repay the loan debt, and improve the quality of life for her family.

Helping Prisca through lending will help lift her family from the chains of poverty!

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