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Marjorie's story

I’m Marjorie, founder, and psychotherapist at RAM CIRCLE, a method I have transformed from a personal experience to a purpose-driven mental health practice helping community members disrupt the impact of developmental and intergenerational trauma. Following the birth of my son, I came face to face with a series of trauma responses that I lived with fully unaware. In the process of nursing a newborn, I was going through another transformative process which was working through the history of trauma I had experienced growing up. It was a turning point in my life and motivated a shift in my professional route.

Mental health is my ministry. It is more than a career, it is also a way of showing up in the world. I am the mother of a little human who gives endless supplies of joy and kindness. In addition to RAM CIRCLE, I do other passionate and creative work centered around elevating the work of local artisans to create more job opportunities in Haiti--where I am from. I enjoy making journals, podcasting, and headwraps. I have also done some small-scale social justice-related work in Anse D'Hainault, Jeremie, and Casale (Haiti) and Washington, DC specifically ward 7 and 8.

I especially like to pay it forward to Black women for all they’ve contributed to me. Right now, I currently split my time between Washington, DC, and Haiti. I enjoy cooking, being silly, storytelling, dancing, traveling, playing with my little one, watching odd medical videos on YouTube, and cultivating healthy relationships.

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