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A loan of $3,875 helps to pay for his knee treatment to recover his health and continue his job as a footballer on his hometown club.


Personal Medical Expenses



Mikel's story

Mikel is a 28-year-old man from Lushnja. He lives with his parents and his brothers. He is very passionate about football and has played since he was a kid. He is part of his hometown team. During a match he injured his knee and for this he has to make an intervention.

He had Kiva lenders' support two months ago, but unfortunately the intervention he made didn't go well and he needs to go abroad for treatment to recover his health. As he cannot afford the expenses, but needs an urgent intervention to not worsen the situation, Mikel is asking one more time for your support.

He wants to recover and be in the right condition to return to his profession.

Mikel thanks all Kiva lenders for their support and wishes good health to all of you.

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