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A loan of $4,850 helps to pay for his mother's medical expenses in order for her to recover her health and feel better.


Personal Medical Expenses



Andrea's story

Andrea is a 20-year-old boy from a small village located in northern Albania. His parents divorced years ago and Andrea lives with his mother and one of his brothers, as the other brother emigrated for a better life. To provide for his family, Andrea works as a waiter in a restaurant in Lezhe city. Meanwhile, his mother works as an agricultural specialist.

Unfortunately, his mother has health problems, and for this she needs to undergo surgery which is very expensive as it must be done in a private hospital. As Andrea cannot afford the expenses, he is asking for the first time for Kiva lenders’ support in order to help his mother recover and lead a normal life.

Andrea thanks all Kiva lenders for their support and wishes all the best to you and your families.

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