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A loan of $3,900 helps a member from the Egyptian vulnerable community to pay for knee surgery for his mother in order for her to recover her health.


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Denis's story

Denis is a 38-year-old man from the Egyptian vulnerable community. Denis lives with his parents and his younger brother. He was married, but his wife divorced him and took their daughter with her, without allowing Denis to ever visit her again.

Denis works as a labourer at the city market to make an income for his family. This is the second time Denis is asking for Kiva lender support. With the first loan, he managed to improve the living conditions of his shelter.

Denis is asking one more time your support as his mother needs to undergo knee surgery in the capital city, and unfortunately, despite the hard work he and his brother are doing, they cannot afford the expenses. A part of the loan will be used to close the first one, meanwhile with the rest of the money, Denis will be able to pay the expenses for his mother treatment.

He thanks all Kiva lenders for the support and wishes all the best to all of you, especially healthy families.

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