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A loan of $650 helps Jedidah to upgrade her restaurant by buying new equipment.





Jedidah's story

Jedidah is 34 years old. She is a proud single-mother of two wonderful children who are 8 and 1 years old. Apart from her children, she also lovingly educates both her sister and brother using the income she makes as a restaurateur. Jedidah operates her restaurant from 6:00 AM targeting her breakfast customers, all the way to 8:00 PM after she has served supper to more diners. She truly enjoys cooking and serving her customers whom she keeps in high esteem.

Jedidah's business has also contributed to her community by creating employment for a full-time employee and by promoting business for many different suppliers. To offer her customers better services, Jedidah would like to upgrade her restaurant by buying more equipment, furniture and increasing her stock levels. This is a strategic move that will keep her restaurant above her competition and boost her profits. She will use profits to repay the loan.

Jedidah has always been a good steward in repaying her loans and has vowed to remain faithful always. Her dream is to see her daughters succeed in their dreams and to open a bigger restaurant in the future.

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