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A loan of $1,700 helps to support a home-based business to sell more vegetables.


Fruits & Vegetables



Basma's story

Basma is a 60-year-old Jordanian lady and a mother of four kids. Basma's husband is a farmer and has a low income. Her family is going through a hard living situation because of the responsibility of raising the kids, besides the limited family income.

To help her husband and her family, Basma decided to start a home-based business selling vegetables. Starting such a business was challenging because of competitors, but Basma is a hardworking woman. She started the business despite of all obstacles and now it is growing. She needs to supply it with more vegetables to meet customer demand, but Basma lacks the finance needed so she decided to ask for a JOD 1,200 loan.

Basma hopes that she can have a successful store in the future.

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