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A loan of $775 helps to pay the expense of exporting her crops overseas.





Pepetua's story

Pepetua and her husband operate a farming business in order to provide for their five children. They live in their own home and are able to send their children to school. Pepetua and her husband spend most of their time on their farm where they till the soil and nurture their crops so that they can achieve good output.

They grow cassava, taro, and yams on their farm and then sell them along the main road or to customers at the local market. Their children help with the work on the farm and with selling the crops. They have managed to do very well since this is their main source of income. Their future plan is to build a new house, but this can only happen if they continue to run their business and earn more income.

This loan will help them with exporting their crops overseas, since this will be their first time to do this.

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