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A loan of $275 helps to purchase cereals, such as maize and beans, and resell at her local market for a profit and a better life.





Sharon's story

Sharon, pictured above, is a very young lady aged 23. She is a married woman who lives in Eldoret. She has been farming for the last few years. In her village, she practices mixed farming. The income she makes from selling milk and crops is used to meet the basic needs of her household. Though she has gathered much experience in this business, she is not comfortable with the little amount she earns, since she is the only breadwinner in her household.

Sharon has decided to focus more of her attention on farming. However, she needs to boost her income by buying different varieties of cereals from local farmers and selling them to her customers at the local market. Through this engagement, she will earn a commission that she intends to use to repay the loan and elevate her standard of living.

This loan is an opportunity that she's never received before. Her irregular income and lack of collateral security were the main drawbacks that limited her from accessing a loan from a commercial bank. Thanks to Juhudi Kilimo and Kiva, the lives of Sharon and her family members will be changed through this loan.

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