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A loan of $375 helps to buy farm inputs such as certified seeds and high-nutrient fertilizer to improve her productivity, thus helping her make more profits.





Becky's story

Becky is 26 years old and the proud mother of 2 children whom she loves.

She is an active woman who works in agricultural activities with skills that she learned from her parents. In addition to engaging in some small business activities, Becky has been a very hard-working mixed farmer growing crops.

Through these activities, she has been able to earn a decent and honest income. Access to modern-quality farm inputs (high-nutrient fertilizer and hybrid seeds) is the pillar of agricultural revolution. However, in Kenya, a developing country, fertilizer and seed allocation by the government is way below the needs of farmers.

Since Juhudi Kilimo, in partnership with Kiva, ventured into the affairs of smallholder farmers in Kenya, farmers can attest that there has been a significant improvement in input availability. Becky is seeking a loan to buy farm inputs such as certified seeds and high-nutrient fertilizer.

Your loan will enable her to improve her production through the use of quality farm inputs. This intervention will help her fill the increasing demand for food in the market and, in the process, generate more income to repay the loan debt and improve the quality of life for her family.

To others, it might just be a mere loan, but to Becky, it’s the biggest opportunity she will have this season to change her life.

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