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A loan of $375 helps to buy another quality breed of dairy cow in order to improve her milk production and improve the living conditions of her family.





Sarah's story

Fifty-one-year-old Sarah (pictured in her simple house) is a goal-oriented woman who is a mother of five children living in Nandi Hills, Kenya. She is a focused woman whose only goal is to succeed and to give her family a better life. Whatever Sarah sets her mind on, no obstacles are too big to hinder her from achieving it.

Today, she is a mixed farmer with many years of experience supporting her family. Every day, she rises early and goes to her farm to earn a living.

One way in which Sarah has decided to increase her income is by improving her dairy production, and there is enough space on her farm to add to her herd. She has now applied for a KES 40,000 loan through Kiva's field partner, Juhudi Kilimo, to buy another quality breed of dairy cow.

Once she has accumulated more money from the dairy cow she buys, Sarah's vision for the future is to buy a chaff cutter to chop hay into small, even pieces, which the cows will enjoy chewing. With more to eat and chew, the cows will drink more water, leading to more milk production. More milk will mean Sarah will be able to both supply her children and aging parents, and sell it in the village, where there is a demand for it. Kindly be inspired and lend to her!

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