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A loan of $825 helps to support Josephat to pay the SACCO fees. The acronym is for Savings And Credit Co-Operative.


Motorcycle Transport



Josephat's story

Josephat is happily married and is blessed with three children who are 15, 8, and 1 year old. He runs a transport business to provide for his family and enjoys the business because it enables him to bring up his kids.

The business is very competitive, so he makes up for his business by operating even in odd hours. This has earned him merit from a lot of his customers who operate during these hours, and Josephat has gained a lot of loyal customers by going the extra mile.

Josephat is humbly requesting a loan that will enable him to pay the SACCO fees to enable him be allowed to continue operating. He will use his profits to pay back his loan. His dream is to expand and grow his business and acquire a rickshaw in the future.

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