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A loan of $750 helps to buy another Friesian cow and milking jars to boost his business.





Francis's story

Francis 33, is blessed with 2 children and a loving wife with whom he engages in farming together to support their family. His children are 8 and 3 years old. He loves dairy farming and has advanced his learning on how to take care of cows in order to produce the maximum amount of milk. Among his customers he is known to be full of life, happy and very polite, courteous and respectful to them.

Due to increased milk demand he would very much like to take advantage of this opportunity to expand his farm by buying another good breed dairy cow to increase his daily milk collection. This has been a challenge for some time due to capital constraints, but now he hopes to say goodbye to that challenge. The loan will also help him to buy more milking jars.

Through his business he gives back to his community and the environment by creating employment for casual workers and also by disposing of pesticides and harmful wastes properly. Francis has purposed to use the profits from his milk sales to pay back his loan and meet his business and family needs. He aspires to be a leading producer of milk among farmers in the future and this loan is geared towards achieving that dream.

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