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A loan of $1,100 helps to gain access to cost-efficient hybrid fertilizer for her crop farm.





Hellen's story

Hellen (a 45-year-old mom of 10) has suffered a series of failures in her life but she has always remained a resilient woman and has never given up. She is a smallholder farmer from a remote village in the Nandi Hills area of Kenya. She is a happily married woman who has beautiful children who have transformed her life into a better one.

Hellen works hard injecting bone-grinding labour into her farm because she wants to give her children a solid reputation. She is a very committed mum who perseveres, fights, rises above and does not give up until she reaches her goals. She has always had a liking for farming.

Hellen also practices crop farming, but she has not been making good profits because of poor farming inputs. Through this loan, she will be able to purchase high-quality seeds and good fertilizer that she will use to greatly improve her crop production. Modern farming requires the use of modern techniques and high-quality seeds will assure her of a bumper harvest and increased profits.

Hellen wants to improve her children's education through the profits from the loan. Make a loan and light up her flames of hope for a prosperous 2021.

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