Ilse Patricia

Ilse Patricia

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A loan of $975 helps to buy fabrics, accessories, iron fittings, unfinished and finished garments.




Ilse Patricia

Ilse Patricia's story

Ilse Patricia is a 45-yera-old microentrepreneur who lives in the municipality of Soledad with her family. She works designing and tailoring clothing and accessories for children, women, and men. She has done this activity for over 15 years. She started working at her parent’s workshop and then opened her own with the help of other relatives who worked for her based on production.

As she started learning other sewing techniques and taking technical courses, she began working more on her own and making contact with retailing companies of clothing and accessories, which helped her to show the quality of her work.

As a result of the worldwide presence of COVID-19, her work diminished due to biosafety reasons, and her incomes went down dramatically. She is currently requesting her first Kiva loan with the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation with the objective of buying fabrics, accessories, iron fittings, finished and unfinished garments, and pay for labor.

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