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A loan of $8,000 helped to purchase coffee roasting equipment to continue the development of our brand.

Birmingham, AL, United States




Anita's story

As a person who has worked in the hospitality and beverage industry for over 8 years and having a true entrepreneurial spirit owning or opening a coffee truck is something Anita has thought about over the last few years.

But in 2015 when her only child Sierre- Leone was injured by a stray bullet causing him to battle with PTSD all of that was put on the back burner and focus on a career that allowed for her to work a more structured schedule. After graduating from Wallace State Community College with a degree in Engineering Technology with plans to continue to the University of Alabama and purse a B.S in Engineering. Starting in 2018 at UA Anita went on to continue her degree however, in 2020 like everyone else in the world things changed and after UA went to a virtual program and Anita was displaced from her part time job due to Covid-19 she decided to use here Associates degree and get a job in her field. Relocating to Florence, AL to purse her career.

During the process of relocating Anita focused on getting settled in a new city, it was during this time she met Chauncey Moore owner of Trvl Era Apparel located in Athens, AL. Bonding over a love of travel, coffee, hip hop and fashion an instant friendship was formed shortly after signing on to assist Chauncey with the development of his clothing line Anita would soon find out that her job in Florence was coming to an end due to Covid-19.

During this time, they started to bond over travel. Wanting to experience the world with out restrictions they came up with a concept of bring the world to you, with that in mind that is how Trvl Love Koffee came about.

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