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A loan of $3,100 helps to buy groceries, toiletries, frozen food, canned food, soft drinks, and beer to sell in the store.


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Epenesa's story

Epenesa is 32 years old and married, with three children. She lives in a rural village on the island of Savaii in Samoa. She owns and operates a retail store. She has been running her business for six years now and sells groceries, toiletries, frozen food, canned food, soft drinks, beer, etc. She describes herself as a hardworking, determined person who would do anything to ensure her family is healthy and happy.

She became a borrower with SPBD in 2012 and has successfully borrowed and repaid seven loans. Due to her successful history, she is one of a select group who is eligible for a larger loan of 8,000 WST. She will use this loan to restock her store.

In the past, Epenesa has used the profits from her business to expand the products in her store and help pay for higher education for her children. In the future, she hopes to have a larger store.

She dreams of sending her children to college and building a new home.

Finally, Epenesa would like to share that she will work very hard and is grateful for your support.

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