Thank you for your interest in having a Kiva representative attend your event!

Welcome to the new Kiva Speakers Program. We have recently changed the way the program works and we ask for your patience as we continue to improve it to better serve your needs.

Please consider the following before clicking the button below:

  • Limitations: Kiva has a small staff and will not be able to fulfill all requests. In general, we try to optimize our resources by first fulfilling events with a larger audience, as this helps Kiva to spread its mission more widely.
  • Key Leaders: There is a high demand for Kiva's co-founders to speak at events all over the globe. While these individuals may be unavailable, there is an ever-growing community of Kiva insiders, including former Kiva Fellows, staff members and other Kiva enthusiasts, who have been trained to speak on Kiva's behalf.
  • Advance Notice: To increase your chances of receiving a speaker, please submit your request well in advance of your planned activity.
  • Flexibility: Keeping an open mind on dates and times provides us more opportunities to meet your request.
  • Expenses: Kiva is headquartered in San Francisco. As we do not have a travel budget for speaking events, travel costs for Kiva staff members will need to be reimbursed for events located outside of the Bay Area. From time to time, we may be able to find a local speaker, such as a former Kiva Fellow, who lives in your area.
  • Honorariums: If applicable, all speaker fees must be made payable to Kiva and will be used as a donation for general operating expenses.