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My Loan Statistics

  1. Total Amount Lent
  2. Total Amount Repaid
  3. Total Amount Lost
  4. Total Amount Refunded and Expired
  5. Delinquency Rate
  6. Default Rate
  7. Number of Loans Delinquent
  8. Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted
  9. Amount of Ended Loans
  10. Amount of Currency Exchange Loss
  11. Currency Exchange Loss Rate
  1. Total Amount Lent:
    The cumulative amount of funds applied to Kiva loans in a lender's portfolio.
  2. Total Amount Repaid:
    The value of all repayments made on loans.
  3. Total Amount Lost:
    Total amount of loans not repaid due to either loan default or currency exchange loss.
  4. Total Amount Refunded and Expired:
    The value of all refunds issued by Kiva (due to errors, fraud or expiration).
  5. Delinquency Rate:
    The percentage of Paying Back Loans by this partner that are past due in repayment. This percentage is exposed to lenders on the Kiva site.

    How this is calculated: Amount of payments past due / Total outstanding principal balance the Field Partner has with Kiva.
  6. Default Rate:
    Percentage of Ended Loans (no longer paying back) which have failed to repay (measured in dollar volume, not units).

    How this is calculated:

    Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted / Amount of Ended Loans


    • Many Field Partners do not yet have many Ended Loans due to their short history on Kiva (see "Time on Kiva"). A more meaningful indicator of principal risk is "Delinquency Rate".

    • For loans that are delinquent at the end of a loan term, Kiva allows the Field Partner 6 additional months to attempt collections before deeming the loan as Defaulted.

  7. Number of Loans Delinquent:
    Number of Paying Back Loans with one or more repayments past due.
  8. Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted:
    Remaining balance due on ended loans which are not repaid in full.
  9. Amount of Ended Loans:
    Total amount of loans raised and disbursed which are no longer in the process of being paid back by an entrepreneur. This excludes refunded loans.
  10. Amount of Currency Exchange Loss:
    Amount of loans not repaid due to currency fluctuations.

    When lending funds across national boundaries, the local currency in the Field Partner's country of operation may lose some of its value relative to the USD, thus requiring the Field Partner to use more of its local currency to reimburse Kiva in USD. Kiva offers Field Partners the option to protect themselves against severe currency fluctuations (a US dollar appreciation of over 10% relative to the local currency) by sharing any losses greater than 10% with Kiva lenders.* By bearing these losses, lenders are able to protect the Field Partner and its borrowers from catastrophic currency devaluations.
  11. Currency Exchange Loss Rate:
    The percentage of loans for which losses have been realized due to currency fluctuations.

    How this is calculated:

    Amount of Currency Exchange Loss / Total Loans