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About the Country

  1. Country
  2. Avg Annual Income
  3. Currency
  4. Exchange Rate
  1. Country:
    The country in which the entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs resides and will be receiving the loan. It is important to consider risks particular to a given country when considering the riskiness of a given loan.
  2. Avg Annual Income:
    The average annual income per person in this country, given in US Dollars. This is the GDP per capita (PPP), which is the value of all final goods and services produced within the nation in a given year.
  3. Currency:
    The local currency unit in which the loan is disbursed to the entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will repay the Field Partner in this currency unit as well.
  4. Exchange Rate:
    The amount of local currency for this entrepreneur that is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. The exchange rate on a particular loan represents the rate on the date the loan was added by the Field Partner into the Kiva system.

    The Kiva Exchange rate is updated nightly from