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Country Fast Facts

  1. Country
  2. Capital
  3. Official Language
  4. Population
  5. GDP per capita (PPP)
  6. Labor Force
  7. Population Below Poverty Line
  8. Literacy Rate
  9. Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000)
  10. Life Expectancy
  1. Country:
    Name of country where featured Microfinance Institution (see Field Partner) is located.
  2. Capital:
    Capital of specified country
  3. Official Language:
    Language(s) given a unique legal status in the country and typically the language used in a nation's legislative bodies.
  4. Population:
    Total number of persons inhabiting the country
  5. GDP per capita (PPP):
    Gross domestic product (GDP) is the value of all final goods and services produced within the nation in a given year.
  6. Labor Force:
    The country's suppliers of labor grouped by specific occupation.
    The labor force consists of everyone of working age (typically above a certain age (around 14 to 16) and below retirement (around 65) who
    are participating workers, that is people actively employed or seeking employment. People not counted include students,
    retired people, stay-at-home parents,
    people in prisons or similar institutions, as well as discouraged workers who simply do not want work.

    Occupational sectors featured in Labor Force categorization may include:

    • Agriculture: the process of producing food, feed, fiber, fuel and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals.

    • Industry: is the segment of economy concerned with the manufacturing and production of goods.

    • Services: sector of an economy made up of people or businesses providing personal and professional services to others.

  7. Population Below Poverty Line:
    The percentage of the population living below the poverty line - i.e., the minimum level of income deemed necessary to achieve an adequate standard of living.
  8. Literacy Rate:
    Percentage of the population with the ability to read and write.
  9. Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000):
    Rate of death per 1000 infants in the first year of life. The leading causes of infant mortality are dehydration and disease.
  10. Life Expectancy:
    Average length of survival for members of country's population.