Kiva Help

How Kiva Works

  1. We allow our Field Partners to disburse Kiva loans up to 30 days before the loan request is available for funding on Kiva. We do this because we don't want entrepreneurs to wait too long for the money they may need quickly.

    Our Field Partners may choose to fund the loan request from their existing funds, and then backfill that amount, if the loan is funded on Kiva (Kiva Field Partners can only receive 30% of their funding from Kiva - the rest must be from other sources). In doing so, the Field Partner is hoping that the loan does get funded on Kiva, because if it does not, they have to pay for the loan out of their own reserves.

    We list the date that the loan was disbursed on each entrepreneur's loan request page, in the "About the Loan" section, next to "Date Disbursed." You can also see the date that the loan request was listed on Kiva next to "Date Listed." For more information, please visit our Help Center