• Berice's Group
    A loan of $575 helps Berice's Group to purchase a solar light, and cost-efficient hybrid seed and...

  • Hanaa
    A loan of $1,200 helps Hanaa to buy solar panels to heat the water in the house.

  • Muhammad
    A loan of $800 helps Muhammad to buy an electrical generator for his house to solve the problem o...

  • Herman's Group
    A loan of $650 helps Herman's Group to purchase a solar light and gain access to cost efficient h...

  • Emad
    A loan of $2,500 helps Emad to buy solar panels to heat the water in the house .

Together, we can change the world. Developing countries are industrializing fast — but we don’t have to choose between creating opportunity and protecting the planet. By financing the right technology for the people who need it most, we can do both.

Going green is just the beginning...

Green loans aren’t just about the environment. They provide solar lanterns that extend store hours and studying time. They fund home improvements that keep families warm and dry. They replace dirty and toxic sources of energy like wood and kerosene so households can breathe easy. And they transform farming to maximize crops and health. The opportunities are endless.

Best of all, green loans make these solutions and success stories sustainable. When you make a green loan, you help a borrower generate income while bringing green technologies and practices to their local communities and beyond.

picture of Catherine
Catherine sells solar lights, like this mini desk lamp, to supplement her teaching income and educate her daughters.

The business of bringing light

Solar Sister is bringing sun power to Uganda. Through its rapidly-growing network of women sales agents, it’s delivering solar lights, phone chargers and other devices to some of the most rural parts of the country. At the same time, it’s empowering women with the tools and start-up capital they need to run their own businesses and jumpstart their incomes.

Meet Catherine. She used her $300 loan to buy solar lanterns from Solar Sister to sell in her village. But this is just one of her many jobs. She’s also the mother of two girls — Fortunate, 3, and Abigail, 5 — teaches primary school full time and supports her husband as he goes back to school. With the money from solar product sales, she buys school supplies for her daughters — giving them a good start!

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