Kiva Loan Dedication



Forty year-old Aida lives with her husband Leandro with two of their five children, Maria and Fabricio, whom they care for in the home they bought many years ago. Aida has worked in agriculture since she was very young but when she began to build a family she increased her efforts and began selling her potato, pea, corn and broad bean crops. She initially sold her own harvests but over time she increased her client base and had to expand by purchasing from other farmers. She currently not only sells the vegetables and foods that she harvests, but also sells cheese in another city. She now hopes to continue growing and to become more established. This is her first KIVA loan and she is thankful for the support she has received. It enables her to invest in her crops. She pledges to make her repayments on time because she likes to be honest and responsible. Aida will use the money to purchase organic manure to nourish her crops as harvest time approaches.

To: Rocky Premlall

I chose this loan because... Giving back to others is a way to grow ourselves. You have taught me to be self-sufficient. Every girl and woman that we help in this world comes back to the community ten-fold. Happy Father's Day!

June 11, 2013
by Anandi Premlall