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Ramallah City, West…

Fahema is a conservative person who prefers not to have her photo published online, so her husband appears in her Kiva profile photo. Fahema is a 50-year-old married woman and a mother to three sons and one daughter. She is a housewife and her husband and her eldest son are workers inside the border, both of them get small salaries that are barely enough to cover the family's needs. Fahema and her family live in a small village called Rantees near Ramallah, they live in a small modest and old house that needs repair. Fahema is requesting a 3,000 USD loan from FATEN to help her cover the cost of repairing her house such as installing new tiles, painting and installing new doors and windows. Taking this loan will create to Fahema and her family suitable home conditions, which will improve their lives positively.

To: Jeff Wu

June 20, 2013
by Cindy

To: Luis Jorge

I chose this loan because... My father has always taught me the value of helping others in need. On this father's day, I want to show him what he's taught me.

June 11, 2013
by Daniela Jorge