Kiva Loan Dedication


Paynesville South

Sarah is 46 years old and lives in Paynesville which is one of the populated areas in Montserrado County. She is married and her husband is a driver. The two of them have a 14-year-old child, who is currently in school and lives at home. For the past eleven years Sarah has been selling cosmetics in the local market. She makes lots of profit and has a lot of customers since her business is in a very good location. She is requesting a loan to purchase more cosmetics for her business. Her plans are to build a house and educate her child.

To: Sarah R.

I chose this loan because... we had a great time 50 years ago in Junior Year Abroad and I enjoyed seeing you and learning about your life in Florida a few weeks ago. Happy retirement! (I have a Sarah, too, and I wish this one in Liberia well!)

May 4, 2013
by teresa and rick