Kiva Loan Dedication



This borrower lives in Guayaquil. She started selling natural products and gradually was able to increase her business. The borrower works every day, starting in the early morning hours, selling Omnilife natural products.

One of her difficulties is dealing with thieves. The borrower is a single mother with three children. One child, age 33, is a young adult who requires her care because of a disability. The other children are ages 14 and 2.

The borrower has many aspirations for her family. For this reason, she wants to continue working to improve her business and provide the best for her children. Her loan will be used to improve her Omnilife business by purchasing natural products for the liver and stomach, as well as vitamins. In the future, she wants to acquire a shop and provide the best for her family.

To: Patrick Doud Reilley

I chose this loan because... Patrick was a lover of life, giver, and passionate about health, happiness... and most of all, Latin America!

April 25, 2013
by Lauren S.