Kiva Loan Dedication

María Elena

San Juan de…

María is 24 years old. She is single and is currently studying Accounting at the "Universidad Peruana de las Américas" university. The degree course lasts six years and María still has six months before she finishes. María works as an assistant in an accounting firm to earn money that she will use to pay her studies. María is very inspired and motivated to finish her studies as it is her parents who give her the strength to move ahead. One of María's biggest challenges is studying and working at the same time so she is enthusiastic and puts in a lot of determination and dedication into her education. Her plan for the future is to become a successful accountant and independent professional. María will use the loan to pay for her matriculation and monthly tuition fees.

To: Martin Skrtel

I chose this loan because... 'Cause Martin Skrtel cares a great deal about educating strikers. He learns 'em good.

March 11, 2013
by Paul