Kiva Loan Dedication

Tegal Sari Group

Melaya, Bali

Because the price of feed is high, the Tegal Sari group has received another loan of the same amount. At the time of disbursement of funds, one member was not present due to attending ceremony at the temple. Each member received 1,500,000 IDR. The loan will be used to buy superior quality piglets and feed. Ni Ketut used the loan to buy two superior piglets and quality feed. To reduce costs, she still gives her pigs the mixture feeds. She hopes the pigs will grow healthy and not be attacked by disease. If she has enough savings, she will use that money to raise pigs.

To: OFI Kalimantan

I chose this loan because... I love the people I have met in Indonesia and am glad to see loans I can make to them

December 15, 2012
by Rebecca