Kiva Loan Dedication



Vincent is 28 years old. He is married and has two children. He and his wife earn their income through the sale of crops and livestock. They grow maize, beans and coffee. They also have cows, chickens and pigs. Vincent looks forward to becoming a community knowledge worker (CKW). As a CKW, he will use the materials in his business-in-a-box (smartphone, solar charging set and weighing scale) to disseminate vital agricultural information to the other members of his village, helping them to improve their crop yields and to increase their incomes. With the additional money that he will earn as a CKW, Vincent will grow his farming business. He looks forward to the contributions that he will be able to make to his community as a CKW and dreams of being a wonderful teacher and role model to other farmers in his area.

To: Laura

I chose this loan because... Of the great work Laura has done in her Kiva Fellowship in Uganda. I can't wait to see how this partner progresses.

November 9, 2012
by Eileen Flannigan