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Email, phone, and social media message templates

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Templates for Private and Public Funding

Not quite sure what to say to potential lenders? These are examples of posts you can display on your social media, send through email, and use reach out to your community.


Private Funding 


Dear [friend or group name],

I am happy to announce that [business name] is crowdfunding  0% interest loan on Kiva. Kiva is a worldwide nonprofit that helps small businesses like mine to crowdfund 0% interest loans. In order to get this loan, I need at least [number] people from our community to lend a small amount ($25) to use on Kiva by [deadline]. This loan acts as a character reference and shows that you support me and my business. My goal is to beat the deadline and get [number] lenders by [artificial deadline]. Click this link and lend to support [business name] : [loan link].

If you have any questions about Kiva, my business, or know someone else who would be willing to support, please feel free to email or call me.

I sincerely appreciate your support!

Thank you!

Phone call/In person conversation guide

  • Explain what Kiva is, tell them about your business and what you are using the loan for.

  • Tell them that it is a loan, not a donation, and that once you pay it back, they will get their money back.

  • Ask them if they will support your business by lending as little as $25.

  • Ask them when they will support your business (the more specific, the better).

  • Offer technical support if needed.

  • Thank them for their support.


Public Funding


Thank you for all of your support!

Because you believe in us, we have the opportunity to pitch to more potential lenders in the Kiva community. As your first investors, you launched [business name] on to Kiva’s public funding site, and now our loan is visible to millions of lenders all around the world. 90% of loans that make it onto the Kiva site fully fund. [Business name] has about a month on the site, and between our community and the Kiva community -we can make it happen. Check out our progress here: [loan link] and help us fund our loan 100%.

Short Email/Social Media/Message updates

  • Check out my Kiva loan fundraising, right now! [loan link]

  • Help my business grow by lending to my 0% interest loan @kiva: [loan link]. Every bit helps – loan as little at $25!

  • Hey everyone, my Kiva loan is already at [current percentage] . My goal is to reach [goal percentage] by the end of day! Please help by visiting [loan link] and lending $25 or more. Thanks!

Last minute Email/Social Media/Message

Fundraising alert!

There is only 1 week left to show support for my business, [business name], on Kiva. Every little bit helps, so please visit this link before [deadline] to lend as little as $25: [loan link].

If you can, spread the word to your friends, families, and coworkers! This is a loan, not a donation, so you will get your money back as I repay the loan.

Thank you for your support!

We hope these examples will help you and your business for a successful loan!

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