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Kiva Blog Update,

Born in a refugee camp, now designing her own collections in NYC

This is part of our World Refugee Day series honoring Kiva borrowers who made the incredible journey from refugee to entrepreneur. Jembere. In Amharic – the native language of Ethiopia – it means, “my sunset.” When Abaynesh, a designer in New York, fulfilled her dream of creating her own eyewear brand, she named it Jembere in honor of her roots. Her collections are now sold b ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

A farmer rebuilds again, as a refugee in her own land

This is part of our World Refugee Day series honoring Kiva borrowers who made the incredible journey from refugee to entrepreneur. Leila is constantly smiling, and beams with pride when talking about her farm. But behind her sunny exterior, she carries a story of extreme hardship and perseverance. Leila used to live in Ochamchire, in the coastal region of Abkhazia, situated in the nor ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

After fleeing war across 8 countries, a tailor pursues his dream

This is part of our World Refugee Day series honoring Kiva borrowers who made the incredible journey from refugee to entrepreneur. For Kone, a designer and tailor, achieving his dream of owning his own business in Nairobi has been a long journey, both mentally and physically. In 2002, he was the proud owner of a stable and prosperous tailoring business in his native Côte d’Ivoire ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

She’s 22, from rural Zimbabwe, and a mogul in the making

This is the fourth in our ‘Invest in her, invest in change’ series celebrating the power of women entrepreneurs around the world. Join Kiva in crowdfunding $1 million in loans to women by International Women’s Day on March 8. Lindiwe, 22, beams with pride as she presents bottles of her homemade juice and soda to customers at her shop in rural Zimbabwe. Each bottle has a hand-glued label ...

Kiva Blog Update

Kiva Blog Update,

Finding a green, local solution to a deadly household chore

It’s early evening and the sun is glowing, low and golden, above a homestead located a 3-hour drive from Cape Coast, Ghana. The air has cooled just enough for Grace and her family to start cooking their dinner over an open fire. Tonight they are making gravy and yams, and crushing together tomatoes and garden eggs, a popular type of eggplant.   At regular intervals Grace and h ...

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  1. Kiva Blog Update

    Lender Field Trip, Mexico City: Guest Blog #2 Why I went from housing skeptic to housing supporter

    Photo by: Catherine Cocke For the first time ever, a few lucky and devoted Kiva lenders were extended the opportunity to see Kiva at work on the ground. This past week, these 7 lenders visited 2 Kiva Field Partners and their borrowers in Mexico City, as part of our first lender trip to the field. It was a unique and thrilling opportunity to see Kiva dollars at work, transforming lives and…

    Posted by Catherine Cocke

  2. Kiva Blog Update

    Borrower with a heart of gold spreads love with her San Francisco flower shop

    As we approach Valentine’s Day, it’s important to take a moment to think about all the industrious small business owners who make these love-filled holidays happen for everyone. Everything from a box of chocolates to a bottle of wine to candles softly lit on the table may have come from a small local business owner, working hard to get you all you need to show the love this February. Vanessa…

    Posted by Jessica Hansen

  3. Kiva Blog Update

    Lender Field Trip, Mexico City: Guest Blog #1

    (photo credit: Catherine Cocke) For the first time ever, a few lucky and devoted Kiva lenders are getting the opportunity to see Kiva at work on the ground. This week, these 7 lenders will be visiting 2 Kiva Field Partners and their borrowers in Mexico City, as part of our first lender trip to the field. It’s a unique and thrilling opportunity to see Kiva dollars at work, transforming lives and…

    Posted by Jessica Hansen

  4. Kiva Blog Update

    Farewell, Captain Tony

    The Kiva community lost a beloved and influential leader last month. Nicknamed Captain Tony, he was a Review and Translation volunteer, The Mindful Bunch lending team co-captain and lender since 2009. Even with the sadness of his passing in New York in January, his friends and teammates at Kiva are hopeful and confident that his spirit and impact will live on for many years to come. …

    Posted by Taylor Whitfield

  5. Kiva Blog Update

    At just 23, Rwandan borrower’s biofuel has propelled him onstage with Obama, and more

    This week, read about inspiring entrepreneur and Kiva borrower Jean Bosco from Rwanda. Disheartened by the destruction of the environment caused by the use of traditional wood-burning stoves, he developed his own biofuel prototype that caught the attention of many influential people - including former President Obama. Bosco is providing a cheaper, cleaner, more efficient way to cook in his…

    Posted by Jessica Hansen

  6. Kiva Blog Update

    Welcoming our 32nd class of Kiva Fellows

    Our 32nd fellows class was in the house this past week at Kiva’s San Francisco headquarters, further strengthening our vibrant community! They bonded as a team as they learned about Kiva's overall strategy, our amazing Field Partners, our core operations, and many other interesting topics that prepared them to carry our mission to the field. Hailing from Mali to Moldova, from Canada to China,…

    Posted by Maria Oliveira-Tamellini

  7. Kiva Blog Update

    Links we love: See it to believe it

    Tons of inspiring stories circulate around the internet every day, and we’ve come across some that are no doubt worth sharing. From meatless burgers that even carnivores can enjoy to drones delivering vaccines to endangered ferrets, here are five links we love that we hope you do too: Financial inclusion through your lens: striking images from the CGAP Photo Contest Impossible Burger:…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  8. Kiva Blog Update

    A fantastic field partner: saving wildlife, wild places and local communities worldwide

    This month, we’re happy to celebrate our partnership with an organization working to save the planet and all of its inhabitants: Wildlife Conservation Society. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a U.S.-based NGO that works hard to save wildlife and biodiverse spaces worldwide through science, conservation action, education and inspiring people to value nature. WCS’s goal is to…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  9. Kiva Blog Update

    Moments of hope in 2016

    There’s no way to sugarcoat it: 2016 has been an emotionally exhausting and, at times, devastating year. With violence and conflict constantly making headlines, the passing of several artistic legends and a bitter, divisive election in the U.S., the countdown to 2017 seemed to kickoff midsummer. But 2016 was also full of hopeful, small acts of kindness between families, neighbors and…

    Posted by Talea Miller

  10. Kiva Blog Update

    Loans that Inspired

    This year, Kiva supported hundreds of thousands of borrowers all around the world who have inspiring stories to tell. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the most memorable loans shared with us by our lenders and staff members, who felt especially inspired by these entrepreneurs and the work that they are doing: Sajjida, 31, is a married woman in Pakistan who decided to dedicate her life to helping…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  11. Kiva Blog Update

    A+ Team - One million loans and counting

    Lending teams are a vital part of Kiva's thriving community. Last month, one of our most active lending teams hit a milestone no other had: one million loans made. We invited one of their co-captains, Chris Allen, to tell us about what this achievement means to his team.   What are the odds that a group of Atheists and other non-believers in God would ever make one million no-interest…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  12. Kiva Blog Update

    Volunteer Spotlight: “I feel rewarded to be able to do whatever my small part can be in helping people improve their lives.”

    Every day, Kiva’s work is made possible by nearly 400 Review and Translation Program volunteers who graciously donate their time and skills to to translate loans from Kiva’s five key languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese. Thanks to our volunteers, lenders and borrowers around the world are able to connect through Kiva and help each other build better lives together. …

    Posted by Emma Jonsson

  13. Kiva Blog Update

    Giving thanks for new friends, eye-opening experiences and connecting across cultures

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and working for an organization like Kiva provides a unique opportunity to reflect on gratitude. We asked our current fellows class, KF31, who have been in the field for about 3 months now, what they are more appreciative of now that they’ve been experiencing life in a new country. Here are their responses: Lisa Demarco, Vietnam: I'm extremely…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  14. Kiva Blog Update

    What we're thankful for

    We at Kiva have a lot to be thankful for this year – but most of all, we want to thank you for all you do to make spirits bright around the world every day.   Thank you for creating opportunity for entrepreneurs who might not otherwise be able to pursue their dreams and improve their lives. Thank you for keeping our organization running each day with your donations. And thank you for…

    Posted by Aurora Lee

  15. Kiva Blog Update

    Volunteering with Kiva – Anytime, Anywhere

    Dear Reader:   Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help Kiva edit and translate the equivalent of three novels of War and Peace into English in the next 30 days. And you’re in luck! Most of the chapters will already be in English, but the grammar needs to be cleaned up. A fair few will be in Spanish. And a smattering of chapters throughout will be in French, Russian, and…

    Posted by Apryl Gibson

  16. Kiva Blog Update

    An update on our partners in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

    On October 4, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti and eastern Cuba as a Category 4 storm, causing massive destruction and severe damage to much of the region. Relief agencies are racing to deliver supplies across the island, but an estimated 900 people have tragically lost their lives and there is now a high risk of a cholera outbreak due to contaminated water sources. We reached out…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  17. Kiva Blog Update

    Made in Oakland: Helping small businesses thrive

    Last week, Kiva celebrated local businesses in the city of Oakland with its first-ever Made in Oakland event. Located in the beautiful outdoor space in front of City Hall, 45 local entrepreneurs showed off their unique businesses, selling everything from vegan cupcakes to repurposed footwear and filling the air with good music, good aromas, and good vibes. Read more of this story on Kiva's…

    Posted by Natalie Brown

  18. Kiva Blog Update

    Kiva and The MasterCard Foundation launch $7.9 million partnership for high-impact loans to African farmers

    Kiva and The MasterCard Foundation are kicking off a 5-year, $7.9 million partnership to test, develop and scale high-impact loans serving the unique needs of smallholder farmers and rural populations in sub-Saharan Africa. The MasterCard Foundation is supporting the project to push the boundaries of microcredit, furthering the foundation’s commitment to financial inclusion strategies with…

    Posted by Jason Riggs

  19. Kiva Blog Update

    Making it Matter to a Million one borrower at a time

    This is a guest blog from Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer at HP, our Matter to a Million partner. Sabita never had the opportunity to go to school, but she wants her children to have a different future. Sabita is part of a group of female entrepreneurs in Balangir, India, who use Kiva loans to create successful businesses to fund their children’s education and…

    Posted by Nate Hurst