At Kiva, we are constantly working to reach new countries and communities, with loans that better serve the needs of borrowers and their families.

Kiva lenders crowdfund an average of $2.5 million in loans each week, creating a unique, renewable pool of funds that is reshaping access to financial services around the world. Some of our impact as of March 2017:

Amount lent through Kiva: $955 million; Kiva lenders: 1.6 million; Kiva borrowers: 2.3 million; loans funded through Kiva: 1,179,943; Borrowers supported: 83% female, 17% male; countries where Kiva works: 82; Borrowers supported in conflict zones: 225,230; farmers supported: 558,800; borrowers supported in least developed countries: 783,464; 81,000 borrowers gained access to clean energy; education loans: 30,271