• Luz Del Mundo Group

    Luz Del Mundo Group

    Nicaragua | Retail | Cosmetics Sales

    A portion of Luz Del Mundo Group's $1,075 loan helps a member to buy Avon products such as perfumes, compacts, eye shadows, mascaras, and other items so that she can incre...

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    Funding via ADIM (AsociaciĆ³n Alternativa Para el Desarrollo Integral de las Mujeres)
    4% funded
    $1,025 to go
  • Familia B Group

    Familia B Group

    Mexico | Retail | Home Products Sales

    A portion of Familia B Group's $6,850 loan helps a member to buy spoons, plates, glasses, and place settings to sell for the holiday season.

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    Funding via VisionFund Mexico
    8% funded
    $6,250 to go
  • Kelly Vanessa

    Kelly Vanessa

    Peru | Agriculture | Animal Sales

    A loan of $700 helps Kelly Vanessa to provide operating capital to her business of buying and selling animals and to make improvements to her home.

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    Funding via Edpyme Alternativa
    21% funded
    $550 to go
  • Luis Antonio

    Luis Antonio

    El Salvador | Transportation | Taxi

    A loan of $575 helps Luis Antonio to buy tires and pay for vehicle maintenance.

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    Funding via Apoyo Integral
    0% funded
    $575 to go
  • Hacia El Futuro Group

    Hacia El Futuro Group

    Ecuador | Food | Butcher Shop

    A portion of Hacia El Futuro Group's $5,400 loan helps a member to buy more merchandise such as sausages, chicken, and meats so that she can save for her loan payments.

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    Funding via FODEMI, a partner of World Vision International
    13% funded
    $4,650 to go
  • Mary Grace

    Mary Grace

    Philippines | Retail | Personal Products Sales

    A loan of $450 helps Mary Grace to buy more Avon products.

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    Funding via Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF)
    88% funded
    $50 to go
  • Abdalatif


    Uganda | Construction | Construction

    A loan of $750 helps Abdalatif to buy sand and cement to complete his family house.

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    Funding via HOFOKAM Ltd., a partner of Catholic Relief Services
    83% funded
    $125 to go
  • Josephine


    Philippines | Agriculture | Farming

    A loan of $1,125 helps Josephine to purchase farm inputs and fertilizers.

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    Funding via Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PMPC)
    4% funded
    $1,075 to go
  • Magdalena


    Philippines | Food | Fish Selling

    A loan of $400 helps Magdalena to buy more fish to sell.

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    Funding via Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF)
    0% funded
    $400 to go