• Sirene


    Jordan | Education | Higher education costs

    A loan of $1,000 helps Sirene to enable her to pay for university fees for her and her brother.

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    Funding via National Microfinance Bank
    45% funded
    $550 to go
  • Gilberto


    Peru | Services | Electronics Repair

    A loan of $1,000 helps Gilberto to invest in purchasing replacement parts for motorcycles and, also, a larger quantity of materials to implement his repair business. ...

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    Funding via Edpyme Alternativa
    10% funded
    $900 to go
  • Artiola


    Kosovo | Services | Sewing

    A loan of $1,400 helps Artiola to purchase a new sewing machine and material for her work.

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    Funding via KosInvest
    75% funded
    $350 to go
  • Khánh


    Vietnam | Housing | Personal Housing Expenses

    A loan of $725 helps Khánh to purchase sand, cement, brick, and equipment to build a toilet.

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    Funding via Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women (FPW)
    20% funded
    $575 to go
  • Ep Msaada Group

    Ep Msaada Group

    Congo (Dem. Rep.) | Construction | Construction Supplies

    A portion of Ep Msaada Group's $6,800 loan helps a member to do renovation works on his house.

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    Funding via Hekima, a partner of World Relief
    16% funded
    $5,675 to go
  • Enilda Bernarda

    Enilda Bernarda

    Colombia | Food | Food

    A loan of $350 helps Enilda Bernarda to buy an assortment of fruits, rice, meat, breads, vegetables, and grains; which are the supplies used the most.

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    Funding via Interactuar
    50% funded
    $175 to go
  • Juan Alberto

    Juan Alberto

    Colombia | Transportation | Transportation

    A loan of $675 helps Juan Alberto to buy a 2014 model motorcycle and thereby replace his old one.

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    Funding via Interactuar
    7% funded
    $625 to go