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Team Listing

92 lending teams in all categories
  • Finland


    1,971 members have lent $1,696,875 in 64,321 loans
    Finland Category: Local Area Team since: Aug, 2008
  • Homma^^^


    219 members have lent $138,000 in 4,990 loans
    Finland Category: Clubs Team since: Feb, 2009
  • The Pros from Dover

    The Pros from Dover

    22 members have lent $97,450 in 3,076 loans
    Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States Category: Friends Team since: Jul, 2013
    We loan because: It's a great and sustainable way to help people who are less fortunate.
  • Reaktor


    52 members have lent $35,550 in 1,386 loans
    Finland Category: Businesses Team since: Sep, 2010
    We loan because: Maksamme velkaa
  • Dermalogica / PR-Cosmetic

    Dermalogica / PR-Cosmetic

    10 members have lent $28,400 in 973 loans
    Helsinki Category: Businesses Team since: Feb, 2011
    We loan because: We think this is a great initiative from Dermalogica. We really want to help women around the world. It is an excellent way to help women help themselves through entrepreneurship.
  • Andreaskyrkan i Helsingfors

    Andreaskyrkan i Helsingfors

    24 members have lent $21,025 in 806 loans
    Helsingfors / Helsinki, Finland Category: Religious Congregations Team since: Oct, 2009
    We loan because: “Nej, detta är den fasta jag vill ha: Lossa orättfärdiga bojor, lös okets band, släpp de förtryckta fria, bryt sönder alla ok, ja, dela ditt bröd åt den hungrige skaffa de fattiga och hemlösa en boning, kläd den nakne…
  • Sievo


    4 members have lent $18,150 in 721 loans
    Helsinki, Finland Category: Businesses - Internal Groups Team since: Feb, 2014
  • Team


    33 members have lent $15,475 in 613 loans
    Turku, Finland, and all over the world Category: Businesses Team since: Nov, 2008
    We loan because: We believe in what microfinance can do to give people an opportunity to earn a decent living.
  • Wanhat Parrat

    Wanhat Parrat

    23 members have lent $9,500 in 375 loans
    Finland Category: Other Team since: Jan, 2011
    We loan because: On se vaan niin hieanoo!
  • Friends of Kiva @ Qaiku

    Friends of Kiva @ Qaiku

    25 members have lent $8,700 in 342 loans
    Finland Category: Other Team since: Aug, 2009
    We loan because: The development of information technology is essential for entrepeneurs all over our planet.