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2,499 lending teams in the "Other" category
  • Hjelp andre

    Hjelp andre

    23 members have lent $50,150 in 1,839 loans
    Category: Other Team since: Sep, 2008
    We loan because: Make the world a better place
  • The Lois & Olivia Fund

    The Lois & Olivia Fund

    6 members have lent $47,050 in 1,107 loans
    Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA Category: Other Team since: Jun, 2009
    We loan because: microcredit has proven itself one of the best ways to support economic and social justice on a sustainable scale and where it matters - in the community. We are so impressed with Kiva's approach and successes so…
  • Producers, Makers & Artisans

    Producers, Makers & Artisans

    51 members have lent $44,500 in 807 loans
    Everywhere Category: Other Team since: May, 2013
    We loan because: We want to encourage producing and making
  • Bitcoin


    283 members have lent $43,800 in 1,392 loans
    The Internet Category: Other Team since: Oct, 2010
  • New Energy

    New Energy

    19 members have lent $39,250 in 1,308 loans
    Earth Category: Other Team since: Apr, 2009
    We loan because: We think that the New Energy is the answer of the question of the poor.
  • Tweeps from Norway

    Tweeps from Norway

    96 members have lent $38,275 in 1,443 loans
    Norway Category: Other Team since: Mar, 2009
    We loan because: We loan, because we can.
  • Neverendinglist


    14 members have lent $37,550 in 1,498 loans
    Worldwide Category: Other Team since: Dec, 2014
    We loan because: ...out of little acorns, giant oak trees grow!
  • T.R. Threston's Team

    T.R. Threston's Team

    311 members have lent $35,975 in 1,065 loans
    USA Category: Other Team since: Feb, 2012
    We loan because: We care about the welfare of others and our goal is to help those who want to help themselves.
  • Bali in Chains

    Bali in Chains

    31 members have lent $34,525 in 1,170 loans
    Category: Other Team since: Jul, 2011
    We loan because: Bali is known as a paradise island to millions of tourists, but it has also a hidden dark side: inhuman suffering and even torturing of mentally ill people!

    Bali has a population of almost 4 million…
  • Ahmad Alshogairy (Khawater)

    Ahmad Alshogairy (Khawater)

    128 members have lent $33,075 in 998 loans
    Islamic Country Category: Other Team since: Jul, 2015
    We loan because: We loan to make a difference by helping our brothers and sisters all over the world.