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3,415 lending teams in the "Friends" category
  • The Pros from Dover

    The Pros from Dover

    13 members have lent $23,925 in 951 loans
    France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States Category: Friends Team since: Jul, 2013
    We loan because: It's a great and sustainable way to help people who are less fortunate.
  • Karma friends

    Karma friends

    28 members have lent $23,925 in 942 loans
    Everywhere Category: Friends Team since: Sep, 2009
    We loan because: WE CAN!!!
  • Hesperians

    3 members have lent $23,025 in 167 loans
    USA Category: Friends Team since: Sep, 2008
    We loan because: We can, we feel we should, or generally just want to.
  • Emphasizing The Positive

    Emphasizing The Positive

    10 members have lent $22,225 in 851 loans
    Snohomish and many more pockets of good Category: Friends Team since: Nov, 2008
    We loan because: We want to encourage more ripple effects of goodness to reach far and wide.
  • The Dhar Group

    The Dhar Group

    12 members have lent $21,150 in 776 loans
    Boston, Massachusetts Category: Friends Team since: Jun, 2009
    We loan because: We've seen first hand the incredible power of microlending to build sustainable businesses and create infrastructure to provide for basic needs. And we believe that our friends will join us to make the world a…
  • Team Middle East

    Team Middle East

    23 members have lent $20,525 in 553 loans
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates Category: Friends Team since: Aug, 2011
    We loan because: We want to help all regardless of religion or color
  • Cole's Friends

    Cole's Friends

    22 members have lent $20,400 in 807 loans
    Planet Earth Category: Friends Team since: Apr, 2009
    We loan because: Cole Gittinger is gone, but in celebration of the way he lived and traveled this is a way to let some of your money see the world (and help people in the process). Lend $25 out via Kiva, and when it's paid back,…