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3,347 lending teams in the "Friends" category
  • Ultra Kiva

    Ultra Kiva

    26 members have lent $39,775 in 1,581 loans
    All Over Category: Friends Team since: Sep, 2008
    We loan because: We can, and we care.
  • BLOCK13


    15 members have lent $39,725 in 1,569 loans
    Singapore Category: Friends Team since: Aug, 2009
    We loan because: Make a Difference to the Underpreviledged, Marginalized and Oppressed.

    One Who Is Gracious To The Poor Lacks Nothing.
  • Get Momentum

    Get Momentum

    31 members have lent $39,700 in 1,001 loans
    Ojai, CA Category: Friends Team since: Jun, 2009
  • 8mars


    21 members have lent $38,800 in 1,530 loans
    mostly Norway and Denmark (or expats of the two) Category: Friends Team since: Jul, 2010
    We loan because: We are lucky to live in one of the richest countries in the world and in a country where women have the freedom and opportunity to achieve virtually everything. We want to show solidarity with our sisters in the rest of…
  • Better World

    5 members have lent $34,850 in 1,368 loans
    San Francisco Bay Area Category: Friends Team since: Aug, 2011
    We loan because: To help make the world better
  • Nanofinance Alliance

    Nanofinance Alliance

    16 members have lent $34,775 in 347 loans
    Worldwide Category: Friends Team since: Oct, 2008
    We loan because: Every single one of us realizes we had to depend on someone to give us a start, a hope, or a chance. Whether that help from our parents, family, neighbors, or friends we realized it is our turn to pass on the blessings…
  • The Million Dollar Project

    The Million Dollar Project

    128 members have lent $34,700 in 1,309 loans
    NYC Category: Friends Team since: Sep, 2009
    We loan because: The Million Dollar Project: If we get 2000 members, then at $25/member over 10 years with 19 re-loans we will invest $1,000,000 entrepreneurs in developing countries. Be a part of it!
  • Alpacas for Altruism

    Alpacas for Altruism

    13 members have lent $33,600 in 1,257 loans
    Bay Area, California, USA Category: Friends Team since: Sep, 2008
    We loan because: alpacas are altruistic
  • Chile


    57 members have lent $32,350 in 1,242 loans
    United States Category: Friends Team since: Mar, 2009
  • Friends Across Oceans

    Friends Across Oceans

    59 members have lent $31,725 in 1,260 loans
    Category: Friends Team since: Oct, 2008
    We loan because: We want to extend a helping hand across the miles and across oceans. By helping others build or strengthen their businesses, we believe we also help families and communities.