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Team Listing

1,825 lending teams in the "Colleges/Universities" category
  • IU Vs. Purdue- Changing Lives Challenge (IU Side)

    IU Vs. Purdue- Changing Lives Challenge (IU…

    2 members have lent $50 in 2 loans
    Bloomington, Indiana Category: Colleges/Universities Team since: Nov, 2008
    We loan because: Changing the world is up to us! These people are much less fortunate then we are so were sharing the love! Plus IU is better than Purdue at everything!
  • CUAA

    18 members have lent $25 in 1 loans
    Ann Arbor Category: Colleges/Universities Team since: Jan, 2017
    We loan because: We are #CUAADOERS
  • Team Miramar Anthro

    1 members have lent $25 in 1 loans
    San Diego, CA Category: Colleges/Universities Team since: May, 2016
    We loan because: microfinance loans empower women which results in better education, nutrition, and healthcare for the family.

    4 members have lent $25 in 1 loans
    Chicago, IL Category: Colleges/Universities Team since: Mar, 2016
    We loan because: Our Mission is to revolutionize the way profits are made, the way we are sustainable with our planet and most importantly giving back to the community. We loan because want to help other like minded organizations…
  • Front Range Community College

    4 members have lent $25 in 1 loans
    Fort Collins, CO Category: Colleges/Universities Team since: Dec, 2015
    We loan because: We like the practice of microcredit. The idea for a team came from Jeff Borg's International Relations class from the fall of 2015.