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5,408 lending teams in the "Businesses" category
  • Intuit


    505 members have lent $123,100 in 4,490 loans
    Global Category: Businesses Team since: Nov, 2009
    We loan because: Intuit is honored to dedicate the efforts of our Kiva lending team to the memory of our friend and colleague Anne Henderson. Anne passed away in September 2010 after a long battle with cancer. She was a bright light to…
  • Ars Technica

    Ars Technica

    127 members have lent $114,425 in 3,590 loans
    Chicago, IL Category: Businesses Team since: Oct, 2008
    We loan because: It's kind of fun.
  • Skreened


    32 members have lent $111,325 in 4,312 loans
    Columbus, Ohio Category: Businesses Team since: Feb, 2009
    We loan because: Loans catalyze ideas that can make for more efficient and sustainable local economies.
  • Team Serviscreen

    Team Serviscreen

    10 members have lent $106,700 in 1,057 loans
    Michigan, USA Category: Businesses Team since: Dec, 2011
    We loan because: We care... and its fun to share!
  • Thrive Academy

    Thrive Academy

    24 members have lent $106,350 in 3,964 loans
    Santa Cruz, CA. USA Category: Businesses Team since: Apr, 2009
    We loan because: We love empowering people to be successful with their business vision because we know that when they are successful, the world is a better place.
  • Jonathan Leger's Kiva Team

    Jonathan Leger's Kiva Team

    713 members have lent $102,525 in 2,540 loans
    Worldwide Category: Businesses Team since: Jun, 2011
    We loan because: Everyone who works hard for a good cause deserves to succeed.
  • Allan Financial Kiva Project

    Allan Financial Kiva Project

    15 members have lent $98,875 in 199 loans
    Vancouver, BC Category: Businesses Team since: Feb, 2014
    We loan because: Allan Financial is about helping our clients to Enjoy their Lives. We invite our clients to help others enjoy theirs.
  • Accenture


    101 members have lent $94,125 in 3,526 loans
    Earth Category: Businesses Team since: Aug, 2008
    We loan because: Lending through Kiva aligns with our core values, including building a heritage for future generations, and treating people with dignity and respect.
  • Team Schlumberger

    Team Schlumberger

    58 members have lent $93,250 in 3,565 loans
    Worldwide Category: Businesses Team since: Aug, 2008
    We loan because: we've worked in locations where microfinance can make a difference... we've seen the poverty... we've seen the hard-working people that just need a break.