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Kiva encourages person to person connection

About us
The Kiva website was easy to use and got people connected. Kiva was fun.

Engineers tend to think in numbers - they rely on numbers for anything and everything. Some take it to the extreme (like using numbers in relationships - classifying/rating friends etc). Obviously, this is not the right thing to do. Depending on numbers is good, as long as it is done artfully and within reason. Problem is - we have so much data today, and such powerful tools to analyze these data that it is pure fun to play with it and very easy to lose track of the big picture/real goal.


Please reinstate the positioning and the format of the "latest activity" (to prior to the Feb 19th changes) One was encouraged to join in and even if it was just to see the same picture appear multiple times across the team board. This often happened especially in small teams. Now latest activity is barely visible, because it was shrinked and moved to the lower part of the page.


We critize an overall decline of message board functionality. If one checks in to read messages, no one wants to have to click twice – do not abbreviate messages. It is also no fun to find that one has to leave the messages area to see anything else. It is not inviting about posting messages because before being able to post a, say, question, one has to click „View All“ and there is no indication that that would get you to posting messages. Featured messages subtly alter the relationships between the Team Captains and the regular team members, and that is not a good thing especially if a website is about leveling the playing field. Mechanically, those (usually long) featured posts are getting in the way when lenders try to communicate with each other. The Flag button creates an atmosphere that makes lively discussions less likely. The profile pics appear smaller than before


"It can be difficult to accept the limits on our ability to help others...But when you help just one person, or let one person help you, it can be hard not to glimpse the better world so frustratingly near our grasp." (The International Bank of Bob pg. 311)

Now the portfolio is just another bunch of numbers judging your effectivity. An acceptable solution would be to make a separate page for stats and not make it default. For those who want stats, they can go there and for those of us who just want to check those occasionally we can ignore that page easily.

The page you see when paying for loans got cluttered up. (Barb and Bruno)

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Team Activity

  • Benewende 02 Group
    Burkina Faso
    Benewende 02 Group received a loan from Anne to purchase grains to resell: millet, sorghum, rice, ...
    0% repaid
  • Suia
    Suia received a loan from Anne to buy taro roots, banana tubers, wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, water tank, and hand gloves.
    9% repaid
  • Tafaota
    Tafaota received a loan from Anne to buy ice, sugar, a Coolio, plastic bags, and containers.
    7% repaid
  • Edelwina
    Edelwina received a loan from Janet to buy additional items, such as canned goods, soft drinks, cereals, rice, feeds, noodles, snack foods, beer, etc., to sell.
    13% repaid
  • Mohammad
    Mohammad received a loan from Julie to buy gypsum shapes for his workshop, which will allow him to expand his work upon the customers' request.
    0% repaid
  • Yulin
    Yulin received a loan from Anne to hire two workers.
    8% repaid
  • Teresita
    Teresita received a loan from Anne to buy fertilizer and herbicides needed to grow vegetables.
    100% repaid
  • Lusungu Group
    Lusungu Group received a loan from Anne to increase stocks of small dry fish stock, to restock the out of stock items in the genge and to buy Irish potatoes and cooking oil for making chips.
    7% repaid
  • Parveen's Group
    Parveen's Group received a loan from Anne to rent a shop for her husband's tailoring work.
    25% repaid

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