Kiva Entrepreneurs are currently receiving loans from Kiva Lenders in over 78 countries. Lender testimonials and pictures on this page have been approved by each Kiva Lender for publication.

Houston, TX, USA
"I was born in a developing country and lived there for the first nine years of my life. Fortunately, I was able to come to the United States along with my mother. In retrospect, I now realize how difficult it is for individuals to better their lives in a place with hardly any resources. Now that I am about to obtain a Bachelors degree in English and as I prepare myself for Graduate studies, I know about the importance of being socially conscious. Through Kiva, I was able to help someone in a small town in Mexico only an hour away from the place that I was born. It was a very special connection. I was able to reach out to someone that was so close to me just a few years ago."

Seattle, WA, USA
"Many years ago, I was faced with a crisis, which forced me to uproot and reinvent my life. As an aspiring artist and craftsperson, I designed and stitched a line of leather handbags. My dream was to turn this craft into my livelihood. This dream became a reality when a caring neighbor offered to loan me the money I needed to start my new business. Twenty-two years later, my small handbag business is still thriving. When I first heard of Kiva, I felt an immediate kinship with the entrepreneurs in need of loans. This was my opportunity to invest in someone else's dream. It's rewarding to know that you don't have to give much, to make a huge difference in someone's life. I know. I've been there!"

Centreville, VA, USA
"As an African-American who's never been to any African country, lending through Kiva is one of the best ways for me to have a positive influence in that part of the world. I make some loans strictly because the stories and the photos appeal to me on an emotional level. I've made loans to borrowers in Iraq, because it's my way of undoing in some small way the chaos and destruction we unleashed on that country. My relationships with the borrowers I lend to and some of the people I've met through Kiva form a key part of my life that is utterly, relentlessly positive."

Johnson City, TN, USA
"Three years ago we had the opportunity to go abroad for the first time when we traveled to Guatemala to meet our adopted son Marcos and bring him home. In that moment, our perception of what was "local" was dramatically transformed. We became powerfully aware of the social and economic hardships faced by so many people throughout the world. We immediately began looking for ways we could share our many blessings with people in Guatemala and elsewhere. It is exciting to see how our lending through Kiva allows us to use the economic blessings we enjoy as Americans to directly impact individuals and communities, and give them another view of our country and people."

Canton, NY, USA
"When I was young my parents would give financial help to our church and our neighbors. It was a lesson in giving that has stayed with me for 100 years (my age). Later as a nurse I saw first hand the needs of others on many different levels and believe that giving can improve lives. It is easy to give when you can see how your money is being used. During my younger years I did not have a TV or computer to watch the results of my helping others globally. How wonderful it is that we can now check on the Internet to see how our money is being used in various countries in desperate need of development. Over the years I have found that helping others not only improves their lives, but enhances my own. It is 'simply the right thing to do.'"

Chicago, IL, USA
"Kiva has a certain resonance with people across the political spectrum, practically anyone with strong feelings about entrepreneurship, capitalism, social action, or individual choice. Conventional investment wisdom is to have a diversified portfolio of investments; this was the first time I considered emotional rewards as something I could expect besides the occasional dividend . It certainly is habit-forming, and I gain a sense of community in a redeeming cause. I have also enjoyed leveling the playing field a little bit for women in the developing world."

A Kenan
Brooklyn, NY, USA
"After reading some of the borrowers stories I realized how blessed I am. I know what it is like to be in need and to receive assistance, so I feel good to be able to lend to someone who is striving to make life better for themselves and family. You never know how far the person will be able to excel, and we all need a hand at one time or another. I have an entrepreneurial spirit so I really feel a connection to a few of the businesses that I have lent to. What I really like is to be able to monitor the loan and re-loan when it is repaid."

Madison, WI, USA
"I love the feeling of connection I have to the people to whom I lend money via Kiva. I support these people wholeheartedly in their daily struggles to meet the needs of their families. Now I am almost 67 years old and am a widow. I am by no means a rich person in the United States, but I have more than I need, and there are many thousands of people all over the world who have far less than they need. I just want to equalize things a little before I die. It's as simple as that."