A loan of $2,500 helped a member to purchase sheep and chickens to raise.

Meloma Group's story

This group is named "Meloma". It is made up of 8 very hard working women who live in the community of San Francisco La Loma. This community belongs to the municipality of San Jose del Rincon in Mexico. San Francisco La Loma's population consists of families who are agriculturists and farmers. There are also merchants who have general stores or those who travel to the various plazas to sell their products, such as plastics, belts, and clothing.

The group "Meloma" is not different from other group because the 8 members are house wives who have a business on the side. The women of the group are the following:

1.-Francisca C. M.: she is 45 years old and she is a merchant who sells clothing for the entire family in the plazas.
2.-Maria Guadalupe M. M.: she is 41 years old, she is a house wife, and she raises chickens which she later sells.
3.-Maria Guadalupe R. R.: she is 73 years old and she raises livestock. Currently she raises pigs.
4. - Jovita M. S.: she is 50 years old and she has a convenience store.
5.-Maria del Carmen T. R.: She is 47 years old and she has a convenience store.
6.-Isidra T. D.: She is 44 years old and she raises chickens which she later sells.
7.-Maria Luisa R. R.: she is 26 years old, the youngest in the group, had she also goes out to the plazas to sell clothing
8.-Margarita C. M.: she is 47 years old and she is the leader of the group. She raises livestock. Usually she raises sheep and chickens.

The members of the group know each other since they were children. They decided on the name "Meloma" because it is the nickname of the community: San Francisco de la Loma is "Meloma".

It should also be mentioned that the community is Mazahua, meaning that the majority of the adult population speak this dialect. But the kids have stopped learning the language, which is why the primary schools are trying to bring back the language so that it will not be lost. Language class is one of the courses kids take in school.

Margarita, who they affectionately cal Mago, is a Mazahua. She is married and she has 11 children. She has been married for 33 years. She lives in her own home and she lives together with her husband. Of the 11 children, 2 passed away so she only has 9 left; four are girls and 5 are boys.

There are two that depend on Mago. Her 11-year old son is in grade 5 and she has a 4-year old granddaughter. They are her two last dependents. Mago's husband is an agriculturist. He doesn't have a steady job but whenever a construction job becomes available he takes it to have more money.

It should also be mentioned that Mago is a leader in her community. There are people that follow her and support her in the decisions that she takes.

For the most part the population is made up of simple and humble individuals with integrity and they support each other as needed.

In this group: Francisca, Maria Guadalupe, Maria Guadalupe, Jovita, Maria Del Carmen, Isidra, Maria Luisa, Margarita

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