A loan of $875 helped a member to purchase a sheep.

Aikumush's Group's story

Mostly, in developing countries, governments are not able to provide desirable support to their citizens. Thus, people cannot just rely on the help of the government. Therefore, either voluntarily or due to absence of other opportunities, people start up their own business in order to provide for themselves.

Aikumush B., leader of this group, is one of those people. She is 53 and married. She has a son of 12 years old and he goes to school. Earlier, her husband was working and providing for the family, but then he retired. The amount of retirement allowance received from the government was 1875 soms, which is not enough to cover living expenses.

Aikumush tried to find a job but she is 53 and it is well-known that as you get older, your employment chances decrease. One year ago, being tired out from searching for a job, she decided to start her own business – livestock breeding. She started with an initial investment of 2000 soms and now the business brings in 7500 soms monthly. 7500 soms are quite enough to provide for herself and members of her family. Still, she believes that she could increase profits from her business if she had more livestock. Thus, she is applying for a loan in order to buy at least one more sheep. Increased profits will give her an opportunity to realize her wish to make capital repairs on her home and pay for better education for her son.

Group members:

Dzhyldyzgul E. is the group treasurer. She is 48 and married. She has a daughter of 5 years old. Her husband is pensioner and his retirement allowance is 1924 soms per month. Like Aikumush, the leader of the group, she was in search of a job during a certain period, but couldn’t find a job. Following the suggestion of her neighbors, 4 years ago, she decided to start up her business – cattle breeding. She started her business from 10,000 soms. For now, she has significantly increased the number of heads of cattle, and cattle breeding gives her 3000 soms monthly. She is applying for a loan in order to buy 8 sheep to fatten and sell. With the profits received, she is planning to build a new house.

Kunduz A. is 37 and married. She has 3 children. Her daughter is 7 and her sons are 4 and 1 and a half years old. Her daughter goes to school. Her husband is a guard of an area with crops and he receives 2500 soms. In order to help her husband, 2 years ago, Kunduz decided to start breeding cattle. She took 15,000 soms from the family budget and bought cattle. She buys cattle, fattens and then sells them at a higher price and it brings her 3500 soms monthly. She has increased the number of heads of cattle and she is planning to increase that number again. With the help of a loan, she will be able to buy 2 more head of cattle in order to continue the functioning of her business and make repairs to her house for the winter period.

Dzhambulat B. is 49 and married. He has two sons, 21 and 13 years old. The younger son goes to school. His wife is a housewife and assists her husband in taking care of their household. He is a taxi driver and his income is 6000 soms monthly. However, 15 years ago, before becoming a taxi driver, he started breeding cattle with an initial investment of 5000 soms. During the last 15 years, it was income from cattle breeding (6000 soms monthly) that helped him to provide for members of his family. Since he is also employed as a taxi driver now, his elder son helps him in breeding cattle. Now, his elder son is planning to get married and thus, they need money in order to put on a small traditional wedding. Thus, they are applying for loan which will give them an opportunity to increase the number of head of cattle, fatten and sell them at a higher price, and increase their profits.

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In this group: Aikumush , Dzhyldyzgul , Kunduz , Dzhambulat

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